Why do Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a thick fibrous band of tissue that attaches from the medial (inner side of the heel) to the front of the foot. It can be almost seen like a ligament that gives the long arch of the foot support and integrity. By stretching for plantar fasciitis, and surrounding muscles that work on the bones that the Plantar fascia attaches to, the severity of symptoms can decrease. Consider adopting the following as other forms of treatment:

  • Footwear for Plantar Fasciitis- choice and fit can be professionally done at www.completefeet.com.au
  • Decreased activity or activity and walking on hard surfaces
  • Proper support & Alignment of bones of the foot through Orthotics for Plantar fasciitis (www.plantarfasciitis.melbourne)
  • Heel Pads or thick & cushioned footwear
  • Stretches to allow the muscles to loosen the tension on the plantar Fascia
  • Ice and Non-steroidal Anti-Inflamatories
  • Extra Corporal Shock Wave therapy for Plantar fasciitis

Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis

There are fewer simple remedies for Plantar heel pain caused through Plantar Fasciitis than simple stretching. The key is how to do them and the frequency. The key is to start very simple Calf stretches (gastrocnemuis & soleus muscles) that insert onto the Achilles tendon. By allowing these muscles to lengthen through consistent stretching, the tension and therefore the tears that may occur in the plantar fascia will lessen.

To start this program first decide on what you do daily to remind you to do the stretches. Lets face it, we all get busy and forget so mark your stretching program at times such as teeth brushing, after showering or before training & walking sessions. Stand on the edge of a step and gently lower the heels down until you feel a stretch at the back of your leg- hold 30 seconds with your knee straight, then repeat with the knee relaxed (slightly bent) for another 30 seconds. repeat 3 times on the affected side(s).

Follow our easy Stretching for Plantar Fasciitis & treatment plan printout orĀ click here


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Rainer Maier- Certified Practicing Orthotist of 22 years specialising in lower limb pathologies.